Emeritus Professor Joseph A. Camilleri OAM

Managing Director

Emeritus Professor Joseph A. Camilleri OAM is the Managing Director and specialises in: diversity, governance, community engagement, education and training, cultural diversity, Asia and security.

Joseph Anthony Camilleri OAM is emeritus professor at La Trobe University in Melbourne, a fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences and Managing Director of Alexandria Agenda. He was the founding director of the Centre for Dialogue (2006-2012).

A renowned international relations specialist, he has written some 25 widely acclaimed books and more than 100 book chapters and journal articles. In 2009, he co-authored an influential book, Worlds in Transition: Evolving Governance Across a Stressed Planet

During his time at La Trobe University, he led the International Relations teaching and research program, established the Bachelor of International Relations Degree and the Master of International Policy Studies, mentored more than 20 international relations scholars who now hold senior academic positions, and supervised some 35 PhDs.

Over the last 10 years, Camilleri has convened some 20 major international dialogues and conferences and appeared before many parliamentary and government inquiries, including the parliamentary inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia in 2013.


Democratising Global Governance (1997-2003)

The project, led by Camilleri, received $350,000 in grants, and was supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Ford Foundation. It resulted in the publication of two books and 18 papers, a report launched in New York, followed by distribution of 12,000 copies, and three workshops in New York, attended by key UN officials and other experts.

  • The project facilitated the work of several scholars, the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, several United Nations Associations, Oxfam and other civil society organisations

  • The project contributed to a much better informed public, and a sustained high-level review of the future of global governance generally and the UN particular, culminating in Kofi Annan's report In Larger Freedom took up many of the themes and proposals considered in detail in the research project, including the notion of the international community's "Responsibility to Protect" in situations involving gross human rights violations.

  • Establishment of the Centre for Dialogue

    As founder and its first director (2006-2012), Camilleri shaped the intellectual and organizational direction of the Centre, developed some 20 partnerships with leading institutions in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East; and convened seven landmark conferences, and nine major dialogues. Some 16 projects were supported by grants in excess of $4 million. The Centre's board was chaired by Elizabeth Proust (2007-2009) and the Hon Steve Bracks (2010-2012).

  • Camilleri's expertise and leadership of the Centre enabled several institutions to expand and strengthen their work on advancing social and cultural harmony, including a number of governments, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Attorney-General's Department, the Victorian Government, international think-tanks and agencies, schools and universities, municipal councils and faith-based organizations.

  • Under Camilleri's direction, the Centre developed a unique leadership program which over 7 years trained some 220 young Muslims (170 from Australia and 60 from Southeast Asia) - connecting them with all facets of life in Australia, law, business, culture, politics, and media.

  • Australia-China, Australia-Indonesia and Australia-Malaysia Dialogues

    Provide an on-going forum for canvassing bilateral, regional and global issues of concern to the countries involved. These dialogues are:

  • strengthening contacts and opening new lines of communication between Australia and its Asian neighbors;

  • creating opportunities for new partnerships and joint projects between Australian institutions and their Asian counterparts;

  • fostering in Australia greater awareness of Asia's importance, and a better understanding of Asian sensitivities and aspirations. For further information on Joseph Camilleri's career see josephcamilleri.org
  • Emeritus Professor Joseph A. Camilleri OAM

    Email: josephcamilleri@alexandriaagenda.com