World is changing

Stakeholder concepts have gone through remarkable change over the last 30 years. Goods and services, technology, capital, information, carbon emissions, viruses, arms, images, people now move within and between countries at ever increasing speed, intensity and scale.

Organisations large and small are struggling to keep up with the scale and speed of charge.

New expectations

Organisations large and small, public and provate, have greater responsibilities to communicate the social, economic and envirenmental impacts of their decisions. This is being delivered via:

  • corporate social responsibility
  • transparency
  • envirenmental sustainability
  • social accounting
  • social licence

Our Approach

Alexandria Agenda enables government, business and community sectors to deal with:

  • multiple stakeholders operating within and across national borders
  • competing interests and perspectives
  • high levels of uncertainty and risk
It places the emphasis on both
  • governance within the organisation
  • governance arrangements that link the organisation to all relevant stakeholders - these may be initiated and sustained by the organisation itself, other stakeholders, or by joint initiative